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Club Membership
All fencers participating regularly during Club nights are expected to become members of the Club by the payment of the annual subscription. Only fencers who are bona fide members of other fencing clubs and who have BFA membership are allowed to take part as visitors without paying the annual subscription.

The benefits of membership include:
  • Full participation at Club nights.
  • Free use of Club equipment during Club nights.
  • Members may place equipment orders on the Club account and receive the full benefit of any discount allowed to the Club on those orders.
  • Only members are eligible to represent the Club in team competitions.
  • Attendance at general meetings of the Club is restricted to members, who are entitled to vote on matters arising.
  • Members may stand for election to the Club Committee.
Subscriptions for the year from 1 November 2017 are as follows:

£25.00 £6.00 £6.00 *
* plus £1.00 charge for the use of any club equipment borrowed on the night.

How do I become a member?

Annual subscription should be paid no later than the first fencing night after 1 November every year. Payment may be made to the Club Treasurer during a fencing night or may be paid directly to the Club through the Paypal system by completing the form below and making payment by debit or credit card or from your own Paypal account.

Please note that the form also includes some additional information to enable us to keep our register of members up to date.


Adult Under 18

Minimun age: 12 years old.
All Under 18s must be accompanied by a responsible adult.
Contact - email  
Contact - telephone

BFA membership number  
BFA membership expiry date

Select Membership type



BFA membership

Club members are also required to become members of the British Fencing Association (BFA). The main reason for this requirement is that it ensures that all fencers have personal accident insurance cover in the event of injuries sustained during fencing and have third party liability cover in the event of accidents during the club's sessions. BFA membership of the appropriate category is also a requirement for any fencer taking part in external competitions. Members also receive The Sword magazine and are eligible (if over 18) to attend and vote at BFA general meetings.

Membership of the BFA is available in the following categories:

  • Starter - introductory membership for new fencers, only available for a maximum of one year for Over 18s and two years for Under 18s. Cost: Under 18s: £10, Over 18s: £15.50.
  • Recreational - continuing membership for recreational fencers. Cost: Under 18s: £15.50, Over 18s: £24.50.
  • Compete - membership for fencers participating in external competitions. Cost: Under 13s: £27.50, Under 20s: £36.50, Full £49.

  • A further category is available for non-participants such as volunteers, friends and family:

  • Support - Cost: Under 18s: £10, Over 18s £12.50.
For further information view the BFA membership scheme.

How do I join the BFA?

To join or renew membership online, visit the BFA membership page.


Contact Stephen Hodges about taking out or renewing BFA membership through the Club account.

For more information, contact Stephen Hodges by e-mail at

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